Adults 50 +

 Programs and Mission

Our Adult Ministry is an organized effort that attempts to challenge and enhance the lives of the adults (age 50 +) in our church and community. In doing so, we help to meet their needs by providing opportunities, events and resources for living.

We seek to accomplish our purposes by monthly meetings, monthly day trips, homebound/care facility ministry, and special events.

Monthly Meetings

On the fourth (4th) Tuesday of each month at 12:30 a.m., we enjoy a catered meal. After the meal a program is presented to the membership. The program is planned by the Adult Planning committee based on the interest of the membership. On rare occasions, the time for the program may be changed.

Monthly Day Trips

It is our goal to take at least one day trip each month (weather permitting) to local areas of interest. The Adult Planning committee schedules trips of interest to the membership. The cost for each of these trips is minimal and usually the transportation is free.

Homebound/Care Facility Ministry

This ministry is conducted by many volunteers in our Adult group for the homebound/care facility members of our church.

A DVD ministry (our morning service) is available to our homebound/care facility members upon request. This ministry is staffed by volunteers who distribute the DVD bundles during the week following the Sunday morning service. The DVD bundles (bulletin, prayer calendar and DVD) at the present time are prepared by the Audio/Visual director.

The morning service is available online to our homebound/care facility members and community through GWU’s internet service. The latest morning service is available by Wednesday following the Sunday morning service. The morning services are also archived so any previous service after June 30, 2013 can be heard. The morning service is an edited version of the morning service prepared by the Audio/visual director.

Meals for homebound members are distributed by a volunteer committee on Wednesday nights during the months of the year that family night suppers are served.

Special Events

Special Events are trips that will require at least one night stay away from home. Each year at least one special event will be planned.

At the present time, the special events are arranged by the Adult Planning committee based on the interest of the membership. The trips require early planning by the committee/membership and deposits and later completed payment from the members that plan to make the trip.

Adult Planning Committee

The Adult Planning committee is comprised of volunteers within the Adult membership. The Adult Planning committee meets on the first (1st) Wednesday of the month at 9:00 a.m. and at other times as necessary to plan the activities for the membership.

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