Listening Weekend postponed

The Listening Weekend with David Moore has been postponed due to the weather. It will be February 28-March 2. Groups are to use the same times they had originally. Below are the talking point questions and the schedule. Groups will meet in the Lighthouse Room.

1. What do we do well? In what areas do we need improvements?

2. What do you believe ought to be the purpose/mission of BSBC? What are your hopes for BSBC in the future?

3. What might our mission be to our community an how do we want to be known and thought of in the community?

4. What could BSBC do to enhance your spiritual life?

5. What kind of pastor do we need to lead us to reach our mission?

Schedule for February 28-March 2

Friday, February 28

2:00-2:50pm Adult III and TEL classes

3:00-3:50pm Willing Workers

4:00-4:50pm- Dorothy Edwards Class

5:00-5:50pm- Ruth Class and Preschool/Children SS Teachers

7:00-7:50pm- Kerygma Class

8:00-8:50pm Open Meeting Time

Saturday, March 1

10:00-10:50am- Bob Abrams Class

11:00-11:50am- Special Topics Class and Courageous Women Class

2:00-2:50pm Young Adult Co-Ed and University Class

3:00-3:50pm Ed Beason SS

4:00-4:50pm Koinonia Class

5:00-5:50pm Journey Class & Adult 1 Coed (Matt Whitfield class)

7:00-7:50pm Adult 1 Men (Sherman Parrish class)

Sunday, March 2

9:45-10:45am Youth (Middle and High School, meet in High School SS Room)

1:30-2:30pm Open Meeting time