Campus Ministries will be taking a group of students to Jinotega, Nicaragua during Spring Break, March 9-16 2012. The following is a list of items they would like to take with them. You may place the items in a box outside of church office until February 29, 2012.

Among Items Needed
Small easy to carry Medical Equipment such as stethoscopes,
blood pressure cuffs, etc
Hearing aids and batteries
Eye drops for soothing eye irritation
Empty medicine bottles
Musical Instruments/related items/band sheet music/ these can be
re-pairable/also things such as reeds for clarinets, guitar picks etc—all are useful for the
Music School there, even empty instrument cases
Spanish text books (eg Chemistry, Math in Spanish)
School supplies
Tracts in Spanish, Bibles,Christian books in Spanish etc
Toys, candy for children
Tools, simple
Money for churches. One church is in need of $700 for a roof.
Others struggle to pay the power bill each month
Toiletries, health and hygiene aids, small hotel toiletries are great
Unopened, unexpired over the counter medicines
Baseball caps/sports equipment
Small equipment for their Christian radio station
Christian CD’s