2013 Thanksgiving/Advent Schedule

2013 Thanksgiving and Advent Season

November 24- GWU Thanksgiving 6pm (Covered Dish)

November 26- Community Thanksgiving Service 6:30pm @ Green Bethel Baptist

November 28-29 Church office closed

November 25-30 – Advent decorating

December 1 – 1st Sunday of Advent, parade of flags 10:55am, Boiling Springs Parade 3pm, Hanging of the Green 6pm

December 4- Senior Adult Holiday Lunch 11:30am fellowship hall

December 6- Kids Movie Night 6pm-9pm in the Fellowship Hall

December 8- Remembrance Dinner 12pm (Widow & Widowers Dinner), Children’s Music 6pm

December 11- Broughton Supper 6pm

December 15- Adult Choir Music, 10:55am, Daycare Program 6pm

December 18- NO WEDNESDAY PROGRAMS, Youth Christmas Party 7pm (fellowship hall)

December 20-21 Live Nativity Scene time TBA

December 22- Caroling 3pm

December 24- Church office closed, Christmas Eve Service 5pm

December 25- Church office closed

December 29- International Mission offereing ingathering AM, Church conference, NO PM

January 1- Church office closed, NO PM Programs